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Five Pathways of Elimination

Pathways of Elimination

The fundamental structure of the human body is organized around a pattern of 5.  A look in the mirror  quickly reveals your obvious 5 appendages (2 arms, 2 legs,  1 head/neck – all of which forms the basis of the famous ‘Canon’ drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, above ).  Sprouting from each of the 5 appendages are more refined aspects of 5, like the 5 toes, 5 fingers, the 5 senses. Let’s not forget the 5 organs of action and 5 organs of elimination.  Further, the body is also organized around the 5 primal elements which give rise to the 5 major yin and 5 yang organs (10 total).

Finally, the outermost energetic field of the human body is at 55 feet (the 10th Fibonacci sequence, the Golden Mean, Golden Ratio) and forms a dodecahedron (one of the primal 5 basic shapes called the Platonic Solids). Lo and behold that is a pentagon – which is a 5-sided shape – repeated 12 times.

So it is true, correct and safe to say that the energy, pattern and structure of a human being is organized around the energy pattern 5. It is intimate to who we are. (How about a high five!)

Now let’s look deeper into your 5 Pathways of Elimination.

During this major healing transformation you are now undergoing, we want to maximize all the pathways of elimination.  Doing so will minimize your ‘healing crisis’ (aka, ‘die off’ or Hurtzheimer Reaction – all the same thing).  Different types of gunk exits the body through different pathways and all is well unless one clogs up which in turn backs up the others and those poor guys will have to work harder to carry the extra load.  Soon we have a stinking mess.  On the other hand, when all 5 channels are open and clear, everything works just fine.

Here’s how to enhance the 5 Pathways of Elimination in your body that you can directly, with powerful intention, influence:

If you are drinking  Nitro super Greens daily (one cup hourly) then you will be urinating every 30-40 minutes.  This is a good flush of all tissue.  The Nitro super Greens will not only hydrate the body but also help alkalize blood and enrich hemoglobin (and oxygen).  You can take a two day break on the weekend. You can also increase the amount of Super Greens from 1 to 2 scoops per quart.  You can add lemon, lime or xylitol for taste.
This means a regular daily bowel movement with a large stool. No exceptions.  If you are eating the proper diet* and taking fiber*  plus probiotics* you should be on target.  Also, remember to SQUAT when moving the bowels (if you need instructions, ask for the Squat PEP Step info).  * proper diet and taking fiber means: 4 day rotation (for leaky gut) and medical smoothie (very specific, not raw); *probiotics means: based on our inner ecology stool test.
We also want to maximize the largest organ of your body to eliminate toxins.  That would be your skin – also called the 3rd kidney.  It will ooze all kinds of gunk from years of accumulated tar, nicotine and sludge.  Epsom salt baths (use a lot of Epsom salt) are helpful to help alkalize the acids.  Foot baths are good too.  If you are not exercising and breaking into a sweat, then how soon can you start?   A simple walk for 30 minutes a few times a week will suffice IF you make it a power walk (which means force yourself to walk faster than normal, swing your arms, take deep breaths).  For deeper cleaning use a sauna every other day, perhaps at a gym. If not available, you can do one at home (if you need instructions, ask for the Home Sauna PEP Step info).
The power walk mentioned above will suffice for deep breathing.  But there is more. Before your afternoon meditation period you can begin with “The 5 Breath method” which is 4 slow but forceful long deep breaths with the final 5 th exhale so slow and so long that you could not feel the air coming out your mouth if you were to put your hand in front of it.  After that, just keep your eyes closed and proceed to awareness meditation.   (if you need instructions, ask for the Meditation PEP Step info). Research shows that people who work out for hours gain no more aerobic benefit than someone who spends just 20 minutes 3 times a week getting to and maintaining a fast breath and fast heartbeat. Most gyms  have jogging machines which automatically measure your heart rate and show your ideal ‘target’ based on age and weight.
INTEGUMENT ation or expression through your Integumentary System.  This final 5th pathway is one which you can’t do much about yet it expresses our individual identity quite dramatically – our hair and nails. They move at a much different pace than Starbuck speed, slowly growing over months instead of minutes. But we love them just the same.  They can reveal hidden mysteries  about the body’s inner core (toxic metal load).

So, in summary, when your body creates waste ( which it has been doing the whole time you read this) you are going to pee it out, poop it out, sweat it out or breath it out and now you know how to – help it out.

This original work is credited to Dr B at NATIONAL CANDIDA CENTER  407.321.1377