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TRINITY is a generally considered a ‘sacred’ concept because higher orders of organization and more sophisticated levels of matter usually happens in 3s (a trinity).

Starting with the original ‘Holy Trinity’ of matter : the electron, neutron, proton; then comes forth many permutations and variations of the 3 primal forces of nature: expansion, balance, contraction; creator, maintainer, destroyer; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva; Father, Son, Holy Spirit; beginning, middle, end; birth, life, death; mother, child, father; mind, body, spirit. We also see the 3 Wise Men, 3 Magic Wishes, 3 Musketeers and finally, the 3 Stooges! One of my favorite Bruce-isms is, “Once is random; twice is pattern; Trinity is Divinity.”

It follows that authentic, lasting healing in the human body is a result of 3 actions, a Healthy Trinity, which must be equally observed. This is true regardless of whether it is a minor problem (like a canker sore) or a serious problem (like cancer). The process is the same. If one of these actions is ignored, downplayed or only partially done, then the healing process will simply not be complete and the dis-ease will often return until the whole process is done properly, with equal respect for each part.


Thus the Healthy Trinity has 3 parts: DIET, THERAPY, and MIND-BODY CONNECTION.

1. Diet means

The Healthy Trinity is a treatment strategy that has 3 parts: DIET, THERAPY, MIND-BODY CONNECTION

the proper food for your condition. In most cases that usually means a food rotation of live foods with life force (Qi). We use your food allergy antibody test to determine precisely what foods you can eat freely, sparingly or not at all.

2.Therapy means

appropriate treatment for that injury. A broken arm needs a cast. In your case with inner ecology challenges (dysbiosis) proper therapy means the proper nutritional support using medical foods, nutraceuticals, remedies or supplements which are phased and targeted. We use the 5R treatment strategy of Alkalize, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair and Remove.

3. Mind-Body Connection

this part of the Healthy Trinity is often dismissed, ignored or downplayed by most people, much to their peril. As healing progresses, this becomes the primary focus as the true source of illness is often revealed to be a mind/body/emotional experience within the individuals responsibility and creation.

It must be discovered, identified, healed and usually forgiven. Replacement thought and belief patterns are often required. One often experiences major life changes. The I CHING, Book of Changes, calls this The Turning Point. Do not confuse this process with Spirituality and religion. That is another matter altogether and also helpful. Lofty preaching is one thing, but at the basic level, naked in the mirror, do your own thoughts build you up or beat you up? We use a variety of tools in this area including daily journal, meditation, reading and personal coaching.