FAQs about your Wellness Program

Below are some of the most common mistakes and detours that many people have made trying to heal dysbiosis, IBS, leaky gut, candida albicans yeast infection, thus wasting their time and money. Some are myths born of ignorance and some are outright deceptions. We’ve seen or heard most of them so you can learn from our mistakes. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Avoid these common pitfalls.

Sorry, there is no such thing. This type of “Magic Bullet” approach is indicative of an allopathic (pharmaceutical) mindset. It simply doesn’t work. No single product will work because this is not a problem caused by a single event. Disease, whether it is IBS, leaky gut, dysbiosis or Candida yeast infection Overgrowth is not something that you catch (like the flu). Rather, it is the result of something that you do that creates a systemic imbalance. A long term comprehensive approach is needed. Yes there are, perhaps, two or three dozen remedies that will kill the critters, but NONE will cause a permanent change, as anyone who has tried this approach will tell you. The REMOVE (kill) Phase is just one of several steps. Without a balanced holistic approach, as we offer at the NCC, the problem will usually come back and will be worse. See our 5 Phase Treatment. The chief problem which perpetuates the overgrowth is the context, or the environment. Unless that is part of the program, it is useless to attempt cleansing. Imagine trying to sweep your floor when all the windows are open but the wind is blowing allowing the dirt to blow back inside. Another example: if a pool of stagnant water is hosting a mosquito farm, you can spray all you want to kill them. The bugs will simply return in a few days. Why? The problem is not the mosquitoes, it is the stagnant water which breeds them. Your inner environment must be changed. At the NCC we coach you through such a program.

This is a half-truth, usually promoted by people trying to sell you a “miracle” product. It is a half-truth because (as we said above) there definitely are remedies that will kill these bugs, but unless the REMOVE Phase in done in conjunction with other steps that are just as necessary, the vermin usually returns with a vengeance. It is common for almost everyone in our culture to expect instant results. Our whole society is based on speed, efficiency and instant gratification NOW. As it turns out, your body has its own schedule. Did you ever suffer from a cut, or wound, or broken bone or serious accident? Did you notice how “you” recovered, accepted it and got over it in a short time — but the injury took days, weeks or months to heal the body? That is because for all our sophistication and technology, the body still heals in its own time. It can’t be rushed. It won’t be rushed. Natural cycles just don’t care about your busy work schedule! A GENERAL RULE OF HEALING is to expect to spend two full months of serious, focused, devoted “healing time” for each year that you have had an affliction. Did you really expect a serious problem that has been festering for years – or decades – to disappear overnight?

Wrong. There are a few probiotic products on the market that are making exaggerated claims about getting rid of yeast or other miraculous cures. In truth, they are products that didn’t do very well so clever marketers just repackaged them to hit a new market (candida people). Don’t be fooled. We already have discussed the “Magic Bullet” concept above. Simple common sense will tell you that probiotic bacteria and yeast are completely different organisms. One does affect the other but remotely like a dog and a horse sharing the same field will respect each other but generally leave each other alone. Antibiotics, for example, will not affect yeast at all. Antibiotics are great for killing bacteria but won’t touch yeast, parasites or virus because they are different creatures. Building up the probiotic bacteria is always a good idea, but bacteria has no actual, mechanical way that it can get rid of, or kill off, or replace yeast.

Ask someone who has tried it. There are people who have been so rigorous and disciplined in their diet that they should get Congressional Medal of Honor! So one day, after 6 months of strict eating, they go out to enjoy some treat. Within 40 minutes they have gas. What happened? They fell into the Diet Myth Trap. Eating well always helps. But it only goes so far. Just like probiotics won’t get rid of yeast, neither will diet. You need specific remedies to kill the bugs. Diet along with a comprehensive program of proper targeted supplementation, diet and lifestyle changes will make a lasting difference. That is what we offer at the NCC. What’s the best diet for you? We Test instead of Guess.

Good luck. Let us know how you make out. Anyone who has been dealing with this problem for a while realizes the importance of having a support team. Teamwork always makes every job easier. Life is too short to suffer. Make it easy on yourself and learn from others who have blazed the trail before you.

I am a Vegetarian

Experience over the years has shown, surprisingly, that vegetarians are most likely to have some of the worst Candida Overgrowth. Why? Because many vegetarians, despite all their good intentions, simply don’t really know how to eat properly. Most eat way too many carbohydrates, flour, breads, pasta, noodles, sugar, juice and fruit — all perfect yeast food. The NCC program will show you a proper diet.

I am a Raw Foodist

This is a promising new and growing movement. I attended a weekend workshop of some well know devotees of this path expecting to see some radiant people who actually turned out to look pretty sick –lackluster, overweight, skin problems and tired. Yes their diet was raw, but so what? It was 40% sugar from excessive fruit, juice, dates, raisons, honey, maple syrup, etc. Sugar feeds bugs. The bugs don’t care if it is natural, organic, or simply a twinkie. What’s the best diet for you? We Test instead of Guess. Is yeast contagious?

Not likely. This is not a contagious disease. Mates are just as likely to not have the same problem as to have it. There is no constant. It all depends on the individual immunity and well-being. The exception is a pregnant mother and child. Infected mothers can and frequently do pass this bug onto their offspring who end up with thrush, diaper rash, and colic which develops into more serious earaches, infection and ultimately Attention Deficit. A host of troubles. Before getting pregnant undergo this program to restore normal health, bowel function and diet.

Partly right and partly wrong. Yes everyone has yeast and you can never get rid of all of it, nor would you want to. It has a role to play. You ideally want to minimize the bad yeast, keep it in balance, and maximize the good yeast and probiotics. But the belief behind this statement (which is common among MDs) goes deeper. MDs are not trained to treat Candida Overgrowth for one very good reason — money. Remember that CO is a problem primarily caused by antibiotics and Rx drugs which are the main allopathic approaches to medicine. There is just way too much at stake to upset that apple cart. So, the AMA simply ignored yeast problems for decades. Now that it is a nasty epidemic, with an estimated 1 in 3 people infected, they are being forced to deal with it but only in a way that provides temporary relief so that the patient must seek treatment every few months for life (thus frequent TV ads for temporary relief using Monastat, Diflucan, Nystatin, etc).

Maybe, but most likely they’ll make it worse. Most clinics (much less retail health food stores) don’t have either the patience or expertise to deal with this health challenge properly. Their job is to treat you quick and move on to the next person. The idea of close supervision over several months is not real appealing. Worse, by just picking any old remedy off the retail shelf the odds are that you will aggravate the yeast rather then kill it off. Without an accurate test, how will you know? Remember, test instead of guess.

Not so. Just like there is good probiotic bacteria and pathogenic bacteria or good people and bad people, there is good yeast and bad yeast. Clinicians in Europe have known this for some time and that wisdom has finally made it to the USA. We will incorporate the good yeast into your program and advise you when to take it (for example, with every antibiotic).