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Your Support System

Yes, you can do the Five Phase Program on your own — but you are not alone. It is a do-it- yourself, at- home, at-your-own-pace program, but with all the professional help you need, when you need it. Here’s how we can help you along the way. Some of these are free and some for fee.

Educational Materials

The foundation of a new way of living is a new way of thinking. It is possible for you to have a new life, revitalized health and daily wellness. During this program we’ll recommend that you read some new books, listen to some CDs, do some daily routines differently and learn how to heal your body naturally.

Coaching Calls

There are a few key junctures when shifting a Phase that will require a phone conversation to make sure you are doing everything correctly. These calls are scheduled in advance. Most people find these calls invaluable and prefer to have them more often.

Ezine Support

As you begin each key Phase we may send you acomprehensive Ezine (a large email with several articles) that contain useful educational material to help you understand that step. Of
course normal email is also a good way to answer questions.

Diet Coach access

Learning a new way of eating is a challenge for most people. We will provide plenty of written materials, lists, recipes and other material but there is nothing like a live person to answer
your questions. We have experienced diet coaches on staff ready to help.


In order for us both to chart your progress, we ask that you evaluate your activity on a self- evaluation form to be discussed with the doctor. Some people love this tool and others don’t. Try it and see if it works for you.

Natural Pharmacy on-line

This is perhaps the most useful support tool of all — access to high quality, nutra-ceutical, natural products combined with the clinical skill of knowing how and when to use them. As a licensed clinic, we carry medical and functional food supplements simply not available at a retail health food store.