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Success Stories

With over a 25 year history of treating patients, from being one of the oldest clinics to specialize in the treatment of digestive disorders, candida, dysbiosis and leaky gut long before they were even known publicly, we have many wonderful success stories. We keep a book in the clinic with letters, pictures, cards and handwritten notes from happy patients expressing gratitude for their success and appreciation for our work. Here are just a few in summary.


Numerous women suffering infertility and undergoing extensive (and expensive) fertility treatments, many having given up all hope of ever conceiving, have begun this Program and become pregnant. Some with twins!

ADD / ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyper Activity)

Numerous people of all ages have shown recovery from these problems once the inner source of aggravation (yeast, parasites or bacterial overgrowth) is gone. For example, one young boy exhibited extreme behavior (screaming, no impulse control, hitting). Test results showed massive Candida Albicans yeast infection Overgrowth. The whole family did the program. Retest in 6 months showed normal balance. Behavior was totally changed. Five years later his mother still credits this program for saving the life of her family from serious health problems.

Burning Stomach/ GERD/ heartburn

E.R., a 49 year old woman, graphic designer, suffering from severe heartburn, I.B.S., stomach acid, constipation, sugar cravings, yeast infections. After our 4R program and Alkalization program she reports, “Complete cessation of heart burn and dependency on a prescription antacid (was twice a day for years). Energy has returned. Not as worn out or fatigued at the end of the day. Sugar cravings & yeast infections are gone and sanity has returned to diet. Severe constipation replaced with daily bowel movements.”

Heart Problems

L.B. a 66 year old woman, school teacher, former Missionary to South America suffered for 12 years from heart palpitations so severe she would visit the Emergency Room. After successfully completing her NCC program, she reports a complete cessation of all heart problems. One year later she is still on the program and continuing her positive changes.

New Skin and Better Eye sight

D.W., 45 yo woman, reports that her skin “which use to be like an alligator” is now soft and smooth and remarkably, “even my eye sight is better! I can make out words that were just a blur before. Plus, I have more energy and sleep better”

Skin Rash

C.H., mid 40’s man, had suffered a skin rash (red, raw, sore, chapped thrush) since adolescence. He accepted it as part of his daily life and thought he’d never be rid of it, having tried every known treatment (even steroids) and having seen numerous allopathic specialists. After the 5 Phase Treatment and several months of alkalization and proper supplementation his skin rash went away completely and has never returned (now 2 years later). (Note: we discovered it was a specific food allergy caused by his leaky gut)

Colon Cancer

Sharon M., age 58, had four sisters who had all died of colon cancer by her age. She had regular surgery every 3-4 months to remove new colon polyp growth. After 6 months on the 5 Phase Treatment program her specialist GI oncologist pronounced he had never seen anything like this. Her colon looked normal with no abnormal growths. She insisted that we speak with him so all his other patients could be similarly healed. After a brief cordial conversation, he wasn’t the least bit interested.

Now, some more in-depth personal reports. We have many. Here are a few:

S.M., Los Angeles, Ca. (flight attendant)

“My life has been powerfully changed for the better. I went from a size 14 to a size 6, my PMS is gone, my yeast infections are gone, my skin looks better, my vitality is back and even my husband is on the program and lost 50 pounds. I haven’t felt this good and hopeful in years. Thank you, thank you , thank you!”

HALFWAY REPORT: written by Rich M, 45yo male (computer program analyst), Florida

(Rich allowed us to share his report of success halfway through his Treatment Plan. Of course the details are different than anyone else but the overall essence is the same as everyone else. That is, when returning to Natural alternatives to drugs and surgery, there is an automatic, natural, deep healing the occurs. The body wants to heal and be vital and alive. It just needs the opportunity. Working together we provide that.)

“My midterm report is outstanding. Prior to starting the NCC program I struggled with allergies and asthma and was coping with the symptom since childhood. Over the years and later in age, other symptoms appeared such as acid reflux, difficulty swallowing (dysplasia), and increased sensitivities to chemical and odors (MCS). Medications and treatments only relieved the symptoms without a cure by mainstream doctors. Medications of choice were Zyrtec, Primatene mist and Prilosec. I learned to live with the problems.

“Two major events occurred in my life that prompted me to seek a cure to the root cause of the symptoms. One was that all the prescription inhalers had serious side effects on me causing ulceration of the tongue and oral thrush so I had to urgently find one that didn’t or live with the added side effects. The other event in my life was that I had contracted Lyme disease and lived with the increasing symptoms of muscle fatigue, brain fog, and joint aches for 6 years but was treated with two six month rounds of Zithromax, a strong antibiotic which cured the disease by an alternative-thinking main stream doctor. Over the course of trying to find a cure to the Lyme disease, I was potentially misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia among other things. So here I was…I went from a very active, athletic and what I had considered healthy person to almost being disabled and bed ridden.

“While on the Zithromax (for Lyme) I was prescribed an anti-fungal because of the imbalance to the intestinal microflora caused by the antibiotic. Researching these connections of inflammation, fungal infections, and intestinal microflora, I came across the National Candid Center website. I now understood the potential connection which gave me hope to re- balancing my micro and biochemistry and discovered the connection of food allergies, chemical sensitivities, asthma and auto immune diseases.

“It’s only been 3 months on the Program (alkaline diet, rotational diet and supplements) and I can say that my life has been transformational – a pH miracle! I no longer take any allergy medication. I am no longer dependent on an asthma inhaler and have not taken one puff in over two. I have observed the complete reduction in intestinal bloating and bulking. My belly measurement has gone from 40” to 37” and waist measurement from 38 ½” to 36 ½”. It is my interpretation that the reduction in intestinal bloating, bulking and inflammation has had a direct correlation to the complete cessation of my dysplasia and the muscus formation during swallowing. The reduction in bulking and the affects of the alkaline diet has resulted in a major and significant weight loss of 26 pounds where my initial % body fat was in the range of 16% and it is currently in the range of 9%.

“In summary, I have tracked my health over a 25 year period and no other medication, diet or program has had such a positive impact. My body feels relieved! I am encouraged to enter the next phase of liver detoxification and experience the health benefits to come.”


After someone has completed their program (which could be anywhere from 30 days to 3 years since each person is different) we ask them to answer some questions about their overall experience: Before they started, in the Middle, and After it is over. Here is one.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your 5 Phase Treatment Program. Sure you may have had an occasional slip, but overall you have done VERY well, stayed on your program, taken your supplements, modified your diet, and shifted into an alkalized and energized lifestyle. How many ways are you different than 6 months ago? Let’s review in 3 basic areas – before, during and after.

I had terrible anxiety. Everything I ate made me feel infected. I was very fatigued. It felt like I had a permanent “yeast infection.”
a.Did you have a disease diagnosis?
No- I just made an assumption that I had yeas.

b.How may prescription drugs were you taking?,
2- Zoloft-200 mg. and Ambien 10 mg.

c.What symptoms were you experiencing that led you to seek treatment?
I had a never ending infection for 5 years that was not getting better.

d.How long did you have this problem?
Five years

e.How many and what other treatments did you do for this problem?
I tried Threelac, footbaths, Pau D Arco, garlic capsules, black walnut hull, red clover supreme, probiotics, zapping, candida clear, candex, yeast removers, Caproyl, selenium, caprylic acid, acupuncture

1. BEFORE - How were you before you started this program?

2. The MIDDLE - How was it going through the program?

It was a lot of work and discouraging at times and other times I didn’t know if I’d make it through. But it was well worth it.
a.What was the hardest part of the program?
The food rotation and meal planning.,

b.What was the easiest part of the program?
The easiest part was taking the supplements. Once I had them, it was easy to just take them.

c.What part of the program did you enjoy the most?
I enjoyed learning about health and all the foods that were nourishing and interesting recipes to make.

d.What part of the program did you enjoy the least, perhaps avoid?
I enjoyed the journaling the least. At first, I journaled faithfully. After a while, I became so consumed with the foods and supplements that I found myself not making time to journal.

e.Did you feel “supported” while you worked your program?
Yes, Lenette and Dr. B. were a great support and the diet coach, Kira, checked in with me to see how I was doing. Whenever I had a question, someone would get right back to me within a day.

f.Say something about the coaching calls – enough? Not enough? Good? Bad? Too short? Too long? Great? What?
The coaching calls were just perfect. Not too long or too short.

g.How successful were you following the program day-to-day?
I followed it. I am a very structured person who lives by lists. I just followed my food and supplement charts and lists. Those kept me on track.,

h.How often did you “fall off the wagon”?
I fell off on the third month at a Fourth of July party. Also maybe around the 5th month at some social gatherings. I fell off about 5 times (in 6 months).

3. THE END- What specific benefits have you experienced?

(symptoms, weight, attitude, anything important to you).
I have no more anxiety. I read that leaky gut can increase cortisol levels which is the fight or flight in all of us. No wonder I had so much anxiety. The leaky gut was causing it. I feel my gut is healed. I am able to eat much more than before and not have adverse effects. I also noticed I am happier. Probably because I feel better. Also, I just recently got Brain Sustain as recommended by Dr. B. I feel that ever since I started it, my gait is better and balance is better.

a.How are you different than when you started?
I have a more positive attitude. I don’t feel anxious and hopeless. I walk better. I am more “alive.” I finally have real hope that I can be healthy and live well

b.How have other people (friends, family, coworkers) commented ?
My boyfriend noticed I am “cruising” when walking.

c.How many months did you work the program?
Six months for 2 cycles12 weeks each.

d.Did you feel the program addressed your issues?
I feel it sewed up my leaky gut.

e.What parts of the program will you continue (what are you doing differently now)?
I am continuing the healthy eating and greens. I am continuing the IAG since it’s a prebiotic. I am also continuing the Super Greens and doing Brain Sustain and plan on adding another supplement regarding bone health.

f.What will you be doing for a Maintenance Program to continue gaining benefits?
Brain Sustain, Super Greens, the new supplement and MedCap DPO twice a year.

g.Overall, if you were to give yourself a grade for this, as if it were a college course, what would
it be on a scale of 1-100? (100-90 being an ‘A’, 89-80 being a ‘B’; 79-70 being a ‘C’; 69-60 being
a ‘D’; below 60 an ‘F’, no pass.)
I would give myself an 87.
In terms of your following the program?___87____
In terms of your successful benefits from the program?___90____.


I can say that my life has been transformational – a pH miracle! I no longer take any allergy medication. I am no longer dependent on an asthma inhaler and have not taken one puff in over twomonths. I have observed the complete reduction in intestinal bloating and bulking. My belly measurement has gone from 40” to 37”