PH Miracle

You are about to discovery some life-changing information. It goes by several names – – New Biology; the pH Miracle and the acid-alkaline balance.
It is so timely that CBS did a special news segment on it. Time-Warner Books published a book which has become an international best seller called, “The pH Miracle”, by Dr. Robert O Young. Numerous products have flooded the market on the heels of this success trying to capitalize on this growing wave of popularity.

New Biology

As the name implies, is a serious, paradigm shifting body of information that is changing the face of modern medicine.

The New Biology acts like a unified field theory in that it provides a common underlying theme (the acid-alkaline balance) that threads through the various fields of science like biology, chemistry, physics, health, medicine, nutrition, vitality, cellular regeneration.

Basically the premise is that ALL disease has one common cause, and thus, the cure for all disease is common as well. As preposterous as this sounds, it is easily verifiable as Truth; which accounts for the miraculous transformations that people experience as they begin to walk this Path and live this lifestyle. (The healing testimonials of “pH Miracles” are abundant.)

How It Works

The Human body is a microcosm of the larger Earth body. Both are 30% mass and 70% fluid. Both ocean sea-water and human blood have a similar alkaline pH of 7.3 – 7.4 Another similarity between earth and man is that when that pH balance is disturbed, ecological disaster occurs. As above, so below.

Just as air (gas) is measured by temperature, fluids are measured by their pH. The pH is the measure of the amount of acid or alkaline (base) of a fluid. It is measured on a scale from 1 to 14. with 1-7 being acid, 7 being neutral and 7-14 being alkaline

In the human body, to maintain health, the blood seeks to keep a very narrow range of pH, specifically, pH of 7.365. Our body temperature also has a very narrow range of 98.6. If the temp rises a mere 4 tenths of one degree a person gets hot and experiences a fever.

In a like manner, when this blood pH is disturbed, the body will go thru a series of automatic mechanisms to try and re-alkalize itself. Current medical practice, and thus most people, recognize these natural attempts to restore balance as the symptoms of disease.

Thus it turns out that fatigue, food cravings, mental fogginess, colds & flu, acne, asthma, bacterial overgrowth, excess fat, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, diabetes, and numerous other examples (discussed at length in THE pH MIRACLE book) are all related to a blood imbalance trying to correct itself back to a normal, or alkalized, pH.

It appears that all disease is directly, inevitably and undeniably linked to the blood balance pH trying to correct itself. While other symptoms or apparent causes may also be present, at a cellular and blood level, the pH disturbance will always be present.

In a nutshell (the official postulate is) “all disease is a function of the over acidification of the blood, caused by an inverted way of thinking, eating or living.”

Thus Diet is one of the 3 main culprits. Eating in an alkalizing way and using some special, highly vital, alkalizing supplements are the primary tools to correct imbalance and regenerate vitality. This is a simple education process. You may really enjoy “discovering” this New Biology lifestyle which seems to be the final word on human health, diet and healing.

In other words, the pH MIRACLE is not just about promoting a series of “cure-all” products. While the products are indeed very powerful and stand on their own to create immediate vitality, when they are combined with other lifestyle changes (like an alkalizing diet — also explained in THE PH MIRACLE book) then we begin to see some very positive and lasting health changes begin to occur – – regardless of the disease.

Candida and the PH Miracle

The relevance for you, as you begin your candida removal program with us, cannot be overstated. Without this critical step, your chances of lasting recovery are almost nil. With it, your success is almost certain.

Candida overgrowth occurs when the body has become so acidic and toxic that it is beginning to rot. Yes, that is ROT. Make no mistake, candida is a mold that thrives on dying and rotting tissue. Its purpose is to slowly digest the acidic diseased body for the purpose of returning it back to the soil. Candida is an undertaker whose job is to recycle a corpse, living or dead. YUK !

Thus, the obvious importance of returning to a natural, alkaline lifestyle is clear. As the blood is cleaned with NITRO SUPER GREENS, and an alkalized diet, the internal environment becomes less hospitable for mold and the critters leave.

The best metaphor is an old tire filled with rainwater. Soon mosquitoes will appear. One can spray the bugs for Removal. This approach will work temporarily. But in a few days the bugs will return Why? Because the stagnant water which grew them is still at work. The solution is to flush out the stagnant acidic water. Once the breeding ground is removed, the bugs will disappear.

At the National Candida Center, we utilize the PH MIRACLE in direct application to help you shift your internal body ecology from a breeding ground to a pure temple. It is one of the foundations for lasting success.