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Springtime ReNew All Detox Cleanse

“Spring has sprung, the grass has rizz, I wonder where the flowers is?”

So marks the New Year. Yes, it is Springtime, the Vernal Equinox, when the sun stands over the earth’s equator, which marks the real New Year, an authentic astronomical event (meeting of the celestial equator and equinox). This was the original New Year date celebrated by the Babylonians, Romans, even the British Empire and their American colonies until 1752 just before the Revolution.

Soon follows Easter which, for all its major importance in the traditional Catholic church, is determined by a rather unconventional means: Easter falls on the first Sunday, following the first Full Moon, following the Spring Equinox. Obscure to be sure.

Did you miss renewal at the financial new year? Jan 1 is to the Roman Empire as April 15 is to the American Empire; remember why Mary and Joseph of Bible fame were travelling? To get recorded for the census to pay their tax by year’s end.

The Good news is that it’s not too late to have a New Beginning. Spring is the time of birth, new life, and resurrection. Why not join this association with Mother Nature? You too can be ‘in tune’ with this great natural cycle of time and refresh your body, your mind and soul. We suggest a DETOX to create new blood, new bowel and new bile with this TRIO we call the TRIPLE B COMBO .

These 3 items were chosen for their biologic efficiency to make the biggest positive impact in the shortest time in your body, to help you feel better, have more energy, improve digestion and Be Well overall.

>BLOOD : with “ Nitro ‘super’ Greens “ . The pH Miracle, or acid-alkaline revolution, revealed that certain (not all) chlorophylls will create new blood hemoglobin which means more oxygen, more energy and more waste removal. ($40).

>BOWEL: with probiotic super star “ ProBioMax Plus “. Extraordinary rejuvenation for your Inner Ecology with pre-biotic arabinogalactin, super pro-biotic strain Lactis HN019 ( identified as having the best probiotic potential among 2,000 strains) and even pro-biotic yeast Sacro B to push out pathogenic bad bacteria and yeast and boost your own natural immunity, secretory IgG. (30 packets / sachets powder: $49).

>BILE : meaning a comprehensive liver detox using MedCaps DPO formulated to support phase I and phase II detoxification (hence the term DPO: Dual-Phase Optimizers) may balance the phases of detoxification by supporting antioxidant defense systems and binding free radicals formed between the two phases. (120 capsules: $40)

$129 total. Order here.

Dose, frequency and diet suggestions will be sent with order. Do now, do anytime.