Liver Warning Signs: Liver Detox Needed

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Liver Warning Signs: Liver Detox Needed

Your humble liver has over 400 essential uses including detoxifying, metabolizing drugs, regulating hormones, absorbing nutrients and many more. It usually takes care of itself but when the limit is reached, like all things, it breaks down. Here are the most common signs of trouble and why we recommend a 21-Day DETOX twice a year.

Digestive changes
(a) Diarrhea: This is a common issue related to liver problems.
(b) Stool: a change in color of stool to light brown or white.
(c) Nausea, stomach pain, then throwing up

Dark Urine
Check your liver health by checking your urine before flushing. Warning sign if urine is dark yellow or brown (or stool lighter brown than usual, as noted above).

It is normal to feel tired after a long hard day BUT if you feel drained every day or all day at an abnormal rate, it could be waste backing up (reducing blood oxygen and causing over acidity) leaving us feeling tired all the time, called Chronic Fatigue.

Appetite Change
If your liver is struggling, you’ll lose your appetite. Or, if you’re eating a normal amount but your weight is noticeably decreasing.

Jaundice (yellowing) happens when acidic toxins and waste build up in causing liver bile pigment to flow into bloodstream. This is more of a problem with infants, but it can also occur in adults. This should be taken as a serious warning that something is wrong with your liver.

Right Sided pain
(a) Discomfort from touch under your right rib area (location of liver)
(b) pressing on tight stomach creating discomfort and hiccups
(c) right shoulder pain (can indicate tumor pressing on nerves)

Ankle bloating
Problems with kidney, heart or liver influences fluid circulation causing fluids to build up around lower extremities like the feet.

Skin bruising
Random patches of black-and-blue, brown coloration of skin, classic ‘liver spots’ or frequent bruising that doesn’t heal all indicate liver stress as blood clotting proteins decline.

Sensitivity to smells
When liver has reached capacity, you will react to smells (odors, chemicals, perfume, etc) with discomfort, upset or headache. This is called MCS: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.