Coconut Water: Hype or Health?

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Coconut Water: Hype or Health?

Coconut Water is believed to prevent cancer, slow aging, regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and cure a hangover.

Does it do all of that?

Coconut Water has not been proven to cure anything yet. However, it does replenish your electrolytes and is much healthier than a sports drink. It’s 100% Natural! Coconut Water provides your body with sodium, potassium, and magnesium as electrolytes. It provides you with more potassium than 4 bananas. Plus it is ALIVE and full of QI (life force).

A study was done on coconut water brands Vita Coco, O.N.E. and Zico,  to ensure that all the minerals claimed are provided in the drink. Zico was the only brand that lived up to its nutritional claims. Zico provides the advertised amount of sodium and magnesium, while the other two are lacking by being 82 and 35 percent lower than claimed.*

 Does Coconut Water help prevent Cancer?

No specific studies have proven this. Coconut Water as well as many other fruits has selenium in it, which has antioxidants proven to fight cancer in the lab. But individual people have made claims for tumor reduction.

 What does Coconut Water help with?

If you are at risk of kidney stones or have issues with kidney stones Coconut Water can help provide you the needed potassium and magnesium to prevent them.

If you have high blood pressure you may have low potassium levels. Coconut Water will provide you with the needed potassium levels to assist in lowering your blood pressure.

If you need a remedy for digestion or gastrointestinal problems than Coconut Water is your friend. Coconut Water has Lauric acid in it, which aids in fighting against intestinal viruses and gastrointestinal tract infections.

Magical Medical Use:

During World War II when the medics ran out of IV Fluid they would refill it with Coconut Water to provide the patient the electrolytes they needed. The catch: A lot of Coconut waters have added sugar/flavoring. If you are going to drink Coconut Water stick to the all natural water instead of the ones flavored with mango, pineapple, etc.   Coconut water also has similarities to human breast milk.  Both contain anti bacterial and anti fungal properties and fast absorbing energy boosting medium chain fatty acids.