Leaky Bowel Syndrome: What Is It And What Can You Do To Solve It?

Leaky bowel syndrome refers to the inability to control bowel movements or bowel incontinence.

Anyone suffering from this gut syndrome tends to contain fecal matter, which means they pass unexpectedly. The state ranges from leakage of stool while trying to pass wind to complete incontinence where feces pass unknowingly.

Fecal incontinence refers to stomach disorders like diarrhea, bloating, or damage to muscle or nerves. Muscle damage can happen because of aging or during childbirth.

This condition is shameful and can push a victim to shy away from seeking help. Don’t lose your self-esteem but restore your quality of life through treatment at our holistic clinic in Sanford, Fl.


Signs Of Leaky Bowel Syndrome

Most people tend to have temporary leaky bowel syndrome during diarrhea, but others have chronic fecal incontinence.

If the condition is chronic or keeps recurring, you can’t control the urge to pass stool, and suddenly the toilet is too far.

Others victims can’t tell it’s time to defecate, and the condition is known as passive incontinence. If you suffer from this condition, seek help from us at –  National Candida Center at our holistic clinic in Sanford, Fl, to restore dignity to your life.

Please note that: Seeking treatment early will save you emotional distress as the condition is treatable.


What Happens During Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Gut cells are dynamic, and they wear out and are replaced every four to seven days. In the process of replacement, holes can form in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract leaving room for mix-ups hence the term leaky gut syndrome.

Intestinal walls are permeable to allow normal body functions, but extreme permeability is what leads to problems like leaky gut.


Is Leaky Bowel Syndrome Treatable?

Yes. It is treatable. This condition should not dilapidate your life.

We offer lasting solutions to leaky gut syndrome at the National Candida Center. We have a holistic medical practitioner, and you will be able to bounce back to living a normal life.

The leaky gut syndrome is common among people with specific chronic GI illnesses, which allows the passing of other larger molecules which could be harmful.


How To Improve Your Gut Health

Medics don’t classify gut syndrome as a medical condition meaning there’s no specific treatment. Below are certain diets you can eat and change your lifestyle to ease the situation.

  • Increase probiotics
  • Increase vegetables, and whole grains intake
  • Reduce red meat, dairy, eggs
  • Avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners

Are You Suffering From Leaky Bowel Syndrome?

Visit us at the National Candida Center to end the suffering and restore your good life.